Hytight offers a reduced water-absorption rate. It is durable, easy to place and alongside an engineered waterproofing system, lets you build in wet or damp areas with confidence.


Suits tough industrial environments

Hytight demonstrates reduced permeability when it comes into contact with water, carbon dioxide and oxygen. This makes it perfect for water tanks, sewers and other aggressive applications.


Minimises dampness and leaks

Hytight helps prevent the deterioration of internal finishes, as well as health hazards like mould formation.


Ease of application

Unlike other conventional concretes developed for aquatic uses, Hymix can supply Hytight at a high consistency. It is easy to place and can be pumped over long distances.


Extended life cycles

The reduced permeability of Hytight means improved durability for your application.



Keep water in...for water retaining structures:
  • Reservoirs and water tanks
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Dams
  • Secondary containment bunds
  • Swimming pools
  • Sewers and pipelines
Keep water out...for waterproof facilities:
  • Plant rooms
  • Basic storage facilities
  • Underground parking garages
  • Retail storage areas
  • Residential areas, offices and restaurants
  • Leisure centres and gymnasiums
  • Archives and special equipment areas
  • Vapour-tight facilities
  • Waste water resistant surfaces
  • Freeze/thaw/de-icing salt resistant surfaces
  • Chemical-resistant surfaces


Please review our Technical Specifications before purchasing this product.