Getting stung by the cost of downtime during repairs? Need to meet tight project deadlines? With Hyset, you can get the job done quickly.


Hyset uses accelerator technology to reach initial set times faster than conventional concrete. It is laid in the same way as conventional concrete, making it suitable for all normal ready-mix applications.


Build faster

Projects in busy city centres or with impending deadlines are no problem with Hyset’s rapid set-time.


Beat the rain

The faster setting time of Hyset means you can forge ahead with a morning pour, despite wet weather forecast for the afternoon. This prevents costly delays and ensures your workforce isn’t standing around idle.


Early removal of formwork

Hyset allows edge formwork to be removed faster than traditional concrete, making it a fitting choice for non-loaded and non-structural applications like footpaths and driveways.



  • Sidewalks
  • Floors
  • Commercial and industrial developments in high-density areas
  • Road surface repairs
  • Basements
  • Civil engineering applications