Colour Concrete: Technical Specifications

Give sufficient notice when ordering

To ensure availability of your chosen Hycolour concrete product, a minimum notice period applies.


Notify order taker of total job requirement

If your project is to be completed over an extended period of time, notify the order taker of the likely time period and the total project requirement at the time of placing the first order.


Use reputable concreters and finishers


Don’t add water

Hymix recommends that your coloured concrete be adequately cured and an appropriate surface treatment be applied to keep it looking good year after year. For maximum effect, we recommend that surface treatments be reapplied periodically as per the manufacturers specification.


Care when using surface sealers

Whilst Hymix recommends the use of sealers on the Hycolour range, care must be taken to test the sealer first for possible effects to the colour and gloss of the surface.


Concrete joints

Ensure joint spacing and positioning is well designed to minimise the chance of cracking and also to complement your design.



Any sample of aggregate or finished product shown to you is only indicative and illustrative of the type of finish to be achieved and no guarantee is given that the finished product will conform to this sample.