The Hycolour Range

Our full-depth colour concrete offers a vast colour range that can be combined with a variety of patterns and finishing techniques. We can also custom blend colours to suit the needs of most retail, commercial and residential applications.


Full Depth Colour

Pigments are added to the mix during the batching process, ensuring you get a uniform colour all the way through and additional coloured coatings aren’t needed, even if the concrete becomes chipped or scratched.


Design Versatility

Choose between classic styles or let your imagination run wild by contrasting a variety of textures and colours. Hycolour concrete also works well with other design elements like tiles, timber, rock and pavers.


Affordable Elegance

Hycolour offers an attractive underfoot option. It is also easy to clean, keeping maintenance costs low



  •  Pool decks and surrounds
  • Commercial stores, buildings and floors
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Indoor and outdoor entertaining areas
  • Roads and median strips
  • Parking areas
  • Pedestrian and cycle paths
  • Urban parklands
  • Building facades
  • Garden walls
  • Shopping centres

Hymix’s colour concrete range is subject to regional variations. Please review the Hycolour Technical Specifications before purchasing this product.