Hymix and Abigroup - Doing it for the Kids

Name of project:

Queensland Children's Hospital



South Brisbane, Queensland


Project details:

3,500+ rooms, 13 storeys high, 4 levels of underground parking and a Helipad, Hymix and Abigroup have joined forces to create a better world for our sick kids.


With a total floor space of approximately 80,000m2 (which is roughly the equivalent of 12 rugby fields) and employing 1500 workers during construction, The Queensland Children’s Hospital will provide not only a world class medical facility for our kids but also a place for their parents to stay while their kids are being cared for.


Hymix embarked on a mission to pump concrete 450m – equivalent to a 100 storey building – every load, every day.



Hymix State Manager Jim Venn along with Technical Manager Kevin Galvin began the arduous task of designing concrete mixes for the project, with a prerequisite of having to pump 450m from Vulture St down under Stanley St and into the project. Calling for high strength concrete including 32mpa to 80mpa with special requirement such as temperature control mixes and super workable concrete to name but a few, Hymix and Abigroup found an answer for it all.


“Trials were conducted at Specialised Concrete Pumping’s yard, where 350m of line was outlaid. Hymix trucked 5 different trial mixes, 32mpa to 80mpa from West End to Yatala - a 60 minute travel, to replicate and test under a worst case scenario” Hymix Project Manager Tim Puckey said. Loads were slump tested prior to being pumped to analyse the slump loss after travel .Then slump tested again after SCP pumped the mixes through 350m of line to monitor any slump loss from pushing this distance continuously. After analysing results trials were replicated and mixes adjusted accordingly until Hymix and Abigroup were completely satisfied with the results.



As a result of the trials and commitment Hymix bring to the project, Hymix were able to confidently and consistently deliver a product that meets the high demands of this project.


To date, over 66,000m3 of concrete has been delivered, paving the way for our kids and their future.


Hymix and Abigroup – Building Partnerships with our community.