Parramatta Pool

Name of project:

Parramatta War Memorial Swimming Centre



Parramatta, NSW


Project details:

The Parramatta War Memorial Swimming Centre underwent a major $9.5 million refurbishment in April 2008.


Key components of the project included replacing the main pool with a new ten lane, fifty-metre pool, new filtration systems for all four pools and new facilities including a new entrance, kiosk and change room.


Hymix’s role in the project was to deliver 700 cubic metres of concrete while drawing on its pooling experience and strong building partnerships with Crystal Pools, Sydney Mesh and Steel and Frankipile to complete the redevelopment in a tight six-month time frame.


Strong building partnerships

Hymix have a long working history with Crystal Pools, having supplied concrete for the large majority of their backyard pooling projects in Sydney and for larger developments including the Carlile Swimming Centre in Cherrybrook and the Richmond Community Pool in Western Sydney.


With similar ongoing relationships with Frankipile and Sydney Mesh and Steel, teething problems during the early stages of the project were minimised and all pre-pour needs were quickly identified.



Specialised mixes

Hymix formulated engineered concrete mixes to ensure the pool met all Australian aquatic standards as well as Crystal Pool’s engineering and design specifications. A 32MPA low-shrinkage cement was developed with Frankipile for the piling area. With Sydney Mesh and Steel and Crystal Pools, Hymix also produced a 32MPa concrete for the steel reinforcement and the main pool itself. It minimised the risk of thermal expansion and cracking, with an apoxy-based agent applied as a coating over the surface of the pool before the tiles were laid, ensuring it was adequately waterproofed.


In total, Hymix completed six major pours for the project, with each delivering approximately 120 cubic metres of concrete on-site.


Hymix’s Customer Service Manager, Mark Bell was on the ground during each pour and this hands on approach also helped prevent delays by giving Frankipile, Crystal Pools and Sydney Mesh and Steel a single point of contact and immediate problem solving resource.


Despite some rain delays, the final stages of construction at Parramatta Pool were completed in time for the pool to open to the public for the 2008/9-summer season.


“Hymix were professional in taking care of all our pre- and post-pour needs throughout the project. Mark Bell was on-site when required and with Hymix’s experience in swimming pool construction, was able to solve problems quickly. They really played a key role in allowing the project to flow smoothly,” Paul Hicken, Crystal Pools.


Contractors: Crystal Pools
Sydney Mesh and Steel
Developers: Ichor Constructions