Honeysuckle Wharf

Name of project:

Honeysuckle Wharf





Project details:

Honeysuckle Wharf is one of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects, including the redevelopment of fifty hectares of derelict land and buildings along Newcastle Harbour.


To date, the redevelopment has included three hotels, fifteen commercial and residential apartment blocks, eight office complexes and an array of restaurants, cafes, large public spaces and live entertainment areas.


Massive concrete volumes

Hymix has been providing concrete for Honeysuckle Wharf since 2001, with over 27,000 cubic metres supplied so far, or a quarter of the total 90,000 cubic metres required. That includes 7000 cubic metres for the Breakwater Apartments and Crowne Plaza hotel, constructed by the Becton Group and 9000 cubic metres for the Lee Harbour Apartments, by Richard Crookes.


Throughout the construction process, Hymix has supplied tailored products to help accomplish Honeysuckle Wharf’s architectural objectives, while maintaining a high level of ‘on-the-ground’ customer service.


Crone Partner Architecture Studio’s wanted to provide Honeysuckle Wharf with a contemporary design. However, they also wanted to maintain links to the sites rich history and heritage by incorporating recycled timber and sandstone from the original wharves and other rustic landscaping features like rusted iron, stone cladding and weatherboard.



To help achieve this, when it came time to choosing a colour-concrete option, Hymix supplied 300 cubic metres of 40MPa mix with 18 kilograms of CCS Corn. It gave the promenade a vibrant and modern aesthetic appeal, while still being subtle enough to prevent overpowering the Wharf’s heritage features or the harbour foreshore. The project architects also specified abilox oxidants for the coloured concrete, which Hymix was also able to match.


On-time deliveries

With Hymix orchestrating pours up to 600 cubic metres, maintaining a strict delivery schedule was crucial, particularly when other construction work was taking place simultaneously along Honeysuckle Wharf. This helped minimise the incidence of truck overqueuing and eased traffic congestion in the area.


Throughout the project, Hymix has worked closely with other building companies involved. Ongoing meetings between Chris Brennan, Hymix’s Customer Service Manager and the Hymix technical team with Richard Crookes and Whitten Brothers, the concreters for the project, ensured an optimum 40 MPa post-tension mix was developed. This was specified by the project engineers and achieved 22MPa at five days, with a maximum fly ash content of 10%


The Honeysuckle Wharf project is scheduled for completion in 2012. It was spearheaded by the Hunter Development Corporation and will help cater for the additional 160,000 people estimated to be living in the Lower Hunter Region by 2031.


Developers : Becton Group
Richard Crookes
Architects : Crone Partner Architecture Studios
Contractors : Whitten Brothers