Goals and Values

We pride ourselves on delivering a premium service and support, building partnerships with customers and demonstrating that we are the people who care.


These three values have not only underpinned our success and growth over the years, but also makes it easy for you to do business with us. This is the simple but major goal of Hymix and one which we continue to achieve by using local teams who partner with your people, to achieve your project needs.


Here’s what our people can do for you:


  • Offer an honest and upfront approach to doing business.
  • Provide reliable advice, including information on our product range, their properties and specific applications, technical knowledge, placing, supply rates and all on-site access requirements.
  • A fast and straightforward ordering system, with direct access to the Hymix person with the answers you need, both before and during the ordering process.
  • Work closely with everyone involved in the project - including concreters, builders, developers, engineers, architects and concrete users.
  • Minimise waste and time delays by understanding your project and business, organising appropriate supply arrangements and providing on-site advice.
  • Make on-site visits, even if it’s a 5am call to make sure the pumps are set up correctly. Our team of sales, production, logistics and technical people are available to come to your site to identify and address pre and post pour needs.
  • Well-timed deliveries to your project site, so over queuing isn’t a problem.